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Ramadan Rocket

Ramadan Rocket

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If you struggle to find FUN Islamic books for your children - never mind actually getting your kids to read them, I can promise you that a) you're not alone, and b) you're in the RIGHT place!

With reviews like 
"just received it yesterday and he has already read it twice" and "it made me laugh aloud numerous times," this book should have you covered in-shaa-Allah!

"But it's not Ramadan?" I hear you say. I get it! But apart from teamwork and honesty, one of the major themes of this fun tale is the Sunnah of moonsighting - something Muslims do EVERY month! Yep! Which makes this story a winner all year round! Alhamdulillah hooray!

So what's it about?
Have you ever struggled to see the new moon? This was exactly Haarith’s problem - it was always too tiny for him.
Being the adventurous boy he is, Haarith decides to travel into space to see it for himself!
How does he get there? Borrows a rocket from a friend, of course!
Join Haarith and his pals as they set off on an ‘out of this world’ adventure to see the new moon!

All drawings are bright, fun and colourful! Which is what we want in a good book, right!?

Hakawati Storyteller Series 2022
Too many bookshelves and reading baskets to count!

A top-notch book all year round in-shaa-Allah!

Contains an exclusive QR code which links to fun, downloadable activities and resources for teachers and parents! ...YES! I'm serious! Enjoy!

  • Written By: Emma Halim
  • Illustrations By: Stephen Tucker
  • Paperback
  • 40 pages
  • ISBN: 9780646854304

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