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FREE Wudu Printable
Muhammad Zayyan
Wudu poster

Brilliant idea to help children

Good book and enjoyed it.

Connecting With Allah
Sameera Waseem

Connecting With Allah

Just Like the Prophet

Bilal Ibn Rabah | The First Muezzin of Islam

Free Islamic Printable Worksheet

My First Quran Translation With Pictures - Juz' Amma Part 2

Allah Made Everything

This book is amazing, my baby girl loves it. Ma sha Allah. Fast shipping 100% Recommended!

Very colorful and useful

May Allah bless you, this is a site ive been wishing for.

Sunnah checklist

Love it!

Be Sure to Pray, Zain!
Mardiyah Usman
Be sure to pray , Zain

It’s a very interesting book to read to our kids . I loved it . It teaches the kids good moral about solat . I wasn’t disappointed Alhamdulilah

Al-Quran Al-Karim The Noble Quran
Shakeela Sumbal
Beautiful Quran

I like the colorful layout in English and Arabic!

Great purchase, definitely will buy more books 📚

Five-Minute Quran Stories Stories

thank you very much for this printable.

My First Muslim Potty Book

The Simple Seerah
Sallayta Shaikh

The Simple Seerah

My Salah Mat
Saajidah Patel

My 3 year old loves his mat and praying. The cues on it is amazing and allows him to follow salah!

My Salah Mat
Hajira Yousafzai
Loved the my Salah prayermat

My 7 years old daughter started praying 5 times a day Mashallah I wish I bought it for her long time a go. Thank you so much for all the extra stickers tasbih counters and books. She loved it. I would really recommend it to everyone.

Awesome Quran Quiz
Jasmina Husic

Awesome Quran Quiz

I bought this memory game for my nephew. It will be good practice for him to learn the Arabic letters and a word to go with each letter.


Manshallah what a surprise! I got about 15 high quality Islamic books that I will cherish for a long time. Jazakallah Kheir Crescent Moon Store. May you delight many more parents Inshallah.

Umm Nur

Baby's First Quran Stories
Sohaira Chaudhry
Like this book!

Like all of the books I 📚 ordered!