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My First Quran with Pictures Juz Amma Part One

My First Quran with Pictures Juz Amma Part One

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A children's Islamic book that translates the simple meanings of Quranic verses into engaging illustrations. Helping your child visualize the simple meanings of the verses couldn't get easier Alhamdulilah! 

Children memorize Surah after Surah of the Quran without knowing its basic meanings. Even as parents, we may find it difficult to explain it to them.

With the help of this picture book, your children will be able to read Juz 'Amma in Arabic and instantly know the basic meaning of the verses through engaging illustrations. It will help your children visualize the simple meanings of the Ayah. This will make the Tafsir and the explanations of the verses easier for them to grasp.

This bright and colorful book will also assist memorization of the Quran, making it so much more fun and enjoyable for them.

This first volume of this two volume book series covers Surah Al-Balad till Surah An-Nas.

  • Translator: Shereen Sharief
  • Illustrator: Nicola Anderson
  • Publisher: Faith Books - UK
  • Language: English
  • Age Group: 6 years and older 
  • Pages: 47
  • Size:  20.9 cm x 29.4 cm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 2018

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Such a beautiful book!

This is so nice for kids from like 3 and up or even younger to show them the pictures and have them recite with you. I got one from my daughter and one for my niece!

Fatima Jafri
My First Quran with pictures-juz Amma

A Very special, very interesting book which gives kids an early exposure to Quran in interesting way
It’s also a learning tool for adults

Omar Raja
Amazing book!

Amazing book! My children love it so much! There is even a coloring book for it, alhamdulillah! Where can I find part 2?

Thank you for your review Omar! No part 2 just yet.


This is exactly the type of book I’ve been wanting for so many years. Thank you for fulfilling that wish for me!

Amazing book for young children

I highly appreciate this book for being so clear and informative for non-Arabic speakers like myself. I was able to learn along with my kids. We discussed some of the verses and their meaning for us in real life. Highly highly recommended!!!