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PROPHET YUSUF (AS) CRAFTS FOR KIDS We follow a history curriculum called 'Story of the World' in our homeschool. While this is an excellent curriculum in many ways, it does have a Christian influence which means that some of its teachings can be problematic for Muslim families.  We are slowly working through the curriculum and came to chapter 6 - the Jewish people. This chapter is all about the story of the prophets Abraham and Joseph, which we call Ibrahim and Yusuf. The chapter relates the biblical stories of these prophets and I decided not to read them to the children. Instead I thought it best to teach them the Islamic version of events.  'Migo and Ali love for the...

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FREE PRINTABLE - WAYS TO REMEMBER ALLAH “VERILY IN THE REMEMBRANCE OF ALLAH TO HEARTS FIND REST” (QURAN 13:28) I try to teach my children the significance and importance of remembering Allah in all we do. We implement this in small ways by saying Bismillah every time we get in the car or eat and Alhamdulillah to signify that we are full or thankful. I hope that these small acts will become second nature to them and help them build a life where remembrance of Allah is integral to their every action. Having visual reminders is always helpful so we’ve created this cloud rainbow craft with some words we can use on a daily basis to remember Allah. FREE RAINBOW...

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It is often so refreshing to see the world from the innocent eyes of a child. I find myself complaining or disgruntled when it rains or snows only to be told by my daughter that Allah made it rain because the plants were thirsty.  As the seasons change and Summer turns into Autumn and Winter, there are so many examples of Allah’s beauty appearing before us. It is through these signs that He is showing us His blessings so we remember Him. These are the messages that I am trying to teach my children about and which they are reminding me about constantly. This 4 seasons standing tree craft pairs perfectly with our book ‘Adam and God’s Creation’ and is...

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