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Love it highly recommend it

I got it for my 5 and 8 years daughters , they both loved it and asked to reread it again .
High quality and easy to read .

My kids started to do deeds with happiness and saying that's so we can get our sadaqa jar filled .

Ka .. ching

Ibrahim prayer mat

The mat is good but comes alone not with other items as shown in the picture .

Juz by Juz Stories (Workbook)

The Simple Seerah
Asim Billoo

The Simple Seerah

The Simple Seerah
Sabrina Mahbub

The Simple Seerah

Little Muslim Explorer

Beautiful book Masha'Allah!

Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes

Keffiyeh print winter scarf- 100% profits to Charity

Such a cute book!!

Really enjoy reading this with kids. They love the characters!

Great quality

These are perfect for the whole family

Allah Is So Kind to Me
Rukhsar Noori
Happy I got this.

Such a cute and quality book for Muslim children <3

Never Disappointed

I’ve ordered several books from this shop since my son was born (he’s now 2) and I’m always blown away by the quality of the product, the swiftness of delivery, and the amazing customer service. Would recommend this shop to anyone looking for high quality Islamic items for kids (especially books).

The Salams: Cranky Kareem Says Alhamdulillah

Ramadan Activity Book
Sultanat Maniar
Cute activity book.

Ordered for Ramadan reading and activity, my kid loved it.

Heart touching

Ordered this for Ramadan reading for my 9 year old. Very well written and beautifully illustrated.

Amazing book Alhamdulillah

Cute story!

Super cute story in English and Arabic. Has a lovely message and beautiful illustrations as well

Cute and small

MashAllah it's beautiful my daughters loved it. I found it to bee very small number of pages for the note books but still good product for Muslim kids I love it.

Sobia O

Enjoying the book so far.

Lovely book

My kids love the book. The pictures are so eye catching, the text rhymes perfectly. We also have Allah is so kind to me, recommended by kids. I wish there will be more books like these inshallah.

Beautiful story

A great picture book with a sweet story, beautiful illustrations, and powerful message.

Loved this book about Bilal and how he shares this beloved comfort food with his friends!

Timely delivery with all contents in optimal condition. The books are very helpful to my son who is beginning to read and as a Muslim growing up in the west they provide a wonderful connection and understanding of Islam for his age giving him a sense of pride.

So good I ordered one my friend when become islam she love it