6 children's books by Muslim authors in 2024

Top 6 Muslim-Authored Books for Kids to Read in 2024

This week, Crescent Moon Bookstore does a roundup of 6 of the most anticipated children’s books by Muslim authors, ready to release in 2024.

As we write this blog, our Palestinian brothers and sisters are suffering unimaginably at the hands of the occupying Israeli forces. Please consider donating to the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, a credible organization providing relief and assistance in the region. If you are looking for books that talk to kids about Palestine, here is our latest book listing that celebrates Palestinian stories and authors.  

Winter is a season of change and transformation; one can apply the same sentiment to children’s books.

As we are about to turn the last page of 2023 and step into 2024, Crescent Moon Bookstore looks forward to new titles, some by authors we know and love and others by new writers coming to the fore with fresh perspectives on history, culture, and all the values we want to inculcate in our children.

These books reflect voices unafraid to embrace and record imperfections that make us human.

If you’re looking to level up your kid’s reading in the new year, have a look at the titles we have coming up in the next several months.

And BTW, we understand it’s hard to wait for the new releases, so till then, grab a book from our list of 11 best children’s books by Muslim authors that we loved reading in 2023!

6 Books by Muslim Authors for Kids to Read in 2024

Dear Muslim Child by Rahma Rodaah

dear muslim child by rahma rodaah

From the author of Dear Black Child, we await Dear Muslim Child. This lyrical picture book encourages Muslim children to be proud of their Islamic identity. If your child has enjoyed The Kindest Red, they are sure to love Dear Muslim Child.

The author, Rahma Rodaah, says on her Instagram page,

“I wrote Dear Muslim Child as a love letter to Muslim children who may have hidden parts of their faith to fit in or belong. This book is bold and proud and full of words that seek to celebrate our faith. This might be a picture book for children, but let me tell you, we all need this tender message for our inner child. I pray you all get comfort and healing in these words.”

Beautifully designed by Palestinian illustrator Aya Ghanameh, Dear Muslim Child is set to release on the 6th of February, 2024. Preorder the book here.

The Partition Project by Saadia Faruqi

The Partition Project

The Partition Project is the latest from veteran writer and author Saadia Faruqi. We have read and loved her previous works for various age groups, and cant wait for this inspiring and moving middle-grade novel.

The book is about Maha, a present-day Pakistani American girl whose interest in journalism sparks a conversation about her Dadi’s account of the Indo-Pak Partition. Throughout the story, readers are treated with the protagonist’s internal conflicts as she accepts her grandmother moving to live with them permanently and how she juggles this with the treasure of memories her Dadi recollects—all for Maha’s documentary project.

You can order The Partition Project on Crescent Moon Bookstore, as it releases in February 2024.

Ramadan Kareem By M.O. Yuksel

ramadan kareem

Ramadan Kareem is the latest offering from M.O. Yuksel, author of award-winning In My Mosque.

Ramadan Kareem promises to be a delightful, diverse celebration of Ramadan around the world. The book commemorates the holy traditions, the acts of worship, the serene evenings filled with Allah’s SWT mercy, and the joy of Eid in the lives of Muslims all over the world. Also slated for release in February next year, you can read more about Ramadan Kareem here.

Rabia’s Eid by Rukhsana Khan

rabias eid

Rabia’s Eid is a delightful picture book written for Step 2 readers aged 4-6. As the title suggests, we join Rabia as she celebrates the last day of Ramadan and her first day of fasting.

Rabia is excited as she eats her Suhoor with her family and spends the day preparing for Eid the next morning. There are hands being adorned with henna designs, new dresses being laid out, and Sadaqah being given in anticipation of Eid Ul Fitr!

New readers will find it very simple to read the short sentences, recognize words visually, and also learn a bunch of new words and terms. Rabia’s Eid releases in February of 2024 and you can grab it here.

BTW, Crescent Moon Bookstore has a whole collection of books and products themed on Eid; you can browse them here!

EidTale: An Eid al-Fitr Adventure by Aliyah Jaleel

Another Eid delight we can’t wait for is EidTale: An Eid al-Fitr Adventure by Aliyah Jaleel.

This board book comes out in March next year and tells us the story of a brother-sister duo who go around their neighborhood offering presents to their favorite neighbors and friends before they catch up with their family for Eid Salah and an elaborate celebratory meal.

With die-cut surprises throughout the book and an impressive quadruple gatefold to conclude the story with, EidTale is set to take family festivities up a notch.

Click here to read more about EidTale.

Meet the Maliks-Twin Detectives: Race to the Rescue by Zanib Mian

Meet the Maliks 2 - Twin Detectives: Race to the Rescue

If your kids are fans of the Planet Omar series by Zanib Mian, they will be thrilled to get their hands on the author’s latest series, Meet the Maliks!

This 2-5 grade series is soon coming out with the new installment, Race to the Rescue. Readers can expect mystery-solving, thrills, adventure, and lots of hilarious goof-ups as twin trouble Maysa and Musa work together to crack some cases. Click here to read more about when this edition of Meet the Maliks comes out!

Opening a new book and transcending into its world for the evening — or in the early hours after Fajr — is one of life's simplest joys. And the coming year is already looking like a brilliant year for books. What children’s books by Muslim authors are you waiting for? Drop a comment and let us know!


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