Let’s Learn About the Blessed Sahaba!

Let’s Learn About the Blessed Sahaba!

This week, Crescent Moon Bookstore takes a deeper look into the lives of a few righteous men, the Sahaba, who lived during the times of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. 

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As Ramadan inches closer, we wait with eagerness for the blessed month. Families around the world prepare in different ways, some make it a point to memorize the Holy Quran, while others read Ramadan-themed books, and yet others sit down with children to learn more about the obligations of the Holy Month

An insightful way to get ready for Ramadan is to read and learn more about the Prophet’s PBUH life and those who were close to him. There are several interesting and attention-capturing ways to do this with your little ones. For example, this set of informative flashcards is a fantastic activity that can not only educate kids about the sahaba, but also make it fun!
Let’s Learn About the Blessed Sahaba!


The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a man of the highest conduct and the noblest persona. Within his lifetime, he inspired countless men and women who stood by his side and followed his message of Islam. They loved the Prophet PBUH and practiced each and everything that he preached. And after the passing of the Prophet PBUH, his companions continued to lead the Muslims with excellence and piety.

There are incredible stories of the Prophet PBUH that we wouldn't have known had it not been through the narrations of the blessed companions. The elevated levels of faith of the sahaba or the companions stood the test of time and continue to inspire Muslims today. 

The lives of Sahaba personified the teachings of Islam. We have chosen some of them as a starting point for parents to discuss with their children. 

Who are the Sahaba or the Companions of the Prophet PBUH?

A Sahabi or a companion of the Prophet PBUH is one who satisfies the following conditions:

  • They met, observed, spoke to, or spent time in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • They came across the Prophet after he received Prophethood.
  • They were Muslims and died as Muslims

Know More about The Companions of The Prophet PBUH

Abdullah bin Abbas ( رضي الله عنه ) 

Abdullah bin Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) was the paternal cousin of our beloved Prophet PBUH Muhammad. The Prophet PBUH performed the ritual of tahneek for Abdullah bin Abbas when he was born. Consequently, Abdullah Bin Abbas grew up in the company of the Prophet PBUH, abiding by his advice, carrying water for the Prophet’s PBUH ablution, and more. He had a keen memory and his intelligence made him well-known among the companions. 

Ibn ‘Abbas once said: “The Messenger of Allah embraced me and said: ‘O Allah, teach him wisdom and the correct interpretation of the Book.”

Abdullah (R.A) would always attend the Prophet’s PBUH assemblies and he would commit to memory whatever the Prophet said. After his passing, Abdullah (R.A) would take care to verify any narration he heard with several companions. 

Whenever he heard someone saying a hadith of the blessed Prophet PBUH, he would be eager to verify and record it. 

The home of Ibn Abbas became a place of learning and teaching. He shared his knowledge of tafsir, fiqh, halal haram, poetry, Arab history, inheritance laws, Arabic language, and etymology. 

Salman Farsi ( رضي الله عنه ) 

Salman Farsi (R.A) belonged to a rich and noble fire-worshipping family in Persia. His father loved him dearly and gave him the responsibility of maintaining their religious flame. As he grew, Salman Al Farsi found himself attracted to Christianity and eventually found himself leaving his home and exploring Arabia, in his search of a true religion. When he heard of the Prophet PBUH, Salman R.A was a mere slave in the hands of a Jew. Despite harsh conditions, Al Farsi R.A set out to meet secretly with the Prophet PBUH. Once he confirmed the Prophet’s PBUH identity, Salman R.A wept and proclaimed his Shahadah. 

Salman (R.A) played a vital role in the Battle of the Trenches where he suggested a trench to be built around Madinah. He led a simple life with one cloak as his outfit and his mattress. He was known to be an “ocean of knowledge” and went on to become a governor of Madain in Baghdad. Even as the Ameer, Salman Al Farsi lived off his hard work and donated the stipend he received. He was also the first person to translate parts of the Hole Quran into the Persian language, during the life of the Prophet PBUH!

Another hard-working and humble Sahabi was Bilal Ibn Rabah (R.A), whose story serves as a refreshing reminder in these times of racism and inequality. Read more about him in this inspirational book that outlines Bilal (R.A)’s struggles and how he became the first Muezzin of Islam. 

Zaid bin Thabit ( رضي الله عنه ) 

Zaid bin Thabit (R.A) was the official scribe of the Prophet PBUH. From a very young age, Zaid (R.A) converted to Islam and memorized about 17 Surahs of the Quran. His mother, noting his interest conveyed to the Messenger of Allah PBUH her wish to dedicate her son to the cause of Allah SWT. Upon testing Zaid (R.A) ’s learning skills, the Prophet PBUH asked him to learn the Hebrew language, so that Zaid (R.A) could assist him in conveying the Message to the Jews.

It is said that Zaid (R.A) returned two weeks later and confirmed that he had mastered the language. The Prophet PBUH then wished for him to learn an Aramaic dialect, which Zaid (R.A) did within record time. Since that time, the Prophet PBUH would call on Zaid (R.A) to write down the revelations he received from Angel Jibreel.  Read more interesting facts about Zaid bin Thabit (R.A) and many other blessed sahaba in Dr. Yasir Qadhi’s popular book, Super Sahaba Stories.


Julaybib ( رضي الله عنه ) 

Many of us may know of this Sahaba, especially for the reason that he was so less known for, Subhanallah. Julaybib (R.A) is described in Islamic literature as a person having a short stature, some deformities, and a repulsive outer appearance. With no known family or background, Julaybib (R.A) had no status in the community. But as a Muslim, he was a much-loved companion of the Prophet (PBUH). 

One day in conversation with the Prophet PBUH, he expressed his uncertainty to be married in this dunya. The Prophet PBUH replied that Julaybib (R.A) would be married here and in the hereafter. With this in mind, the Prophet PBUH approached one of the best Ansar families and approached their daughter’s hand in marriage with Julaybib (R.A). Upon hearing of this, the girl's parents opposed vehemently as their daughter was considered among the prettiest in all of Madinah, and they had never thought of marrying her to a person of Julaybib’s (R.A) personality. When the girl heard of this, she consoled her mother saying, “O Mother, How blessed is the status of Julaybib (R.A), that God and his Messenger are asking for your daughter’s hand on his behalf.” And so, they were married.

However, soon after their marriage, Julaybib (R.A) was martyred on the battlefield. The Prophet PBUH noticed him missing and ordered the companions to look for him. The companions found his blessed body surrounded by seven kuffars that he had finished. The Prophet PBUH lovingly lifted the body of Julaybib (R.A) and said thrice, “O Allah he is from me and I am from Him”

If your child is interested in reading about leaders and warriors in Islam, then the story of Khalid Ibn Al-Walid is truly heartening. From fighting against the Muslims to fighting battles for them, he earned the title of Sword of Allah and led his soldiers with patience. 

khalid walid

Muadh ibn Jabal (رضي الله عنه ) 

Muadh ibn Jabal was an intelligent and handsome young man with curly hair and beautiful eyes who grew up in Yathrib as the light of Islam spread in the region. Young Muadh became a Muslim in Yathrib at the hands of Musab ibn Umayr, who was sent by the Prophet before the Hijrah. He was among the first 72 Muslims who traveled to Makkah and met the Prophet PBUH. Hence, he was among those who clasped the blessed hands and pledged allegiance.  

Muadh ibn Jabal was one of the most well-read persons in the laws of Islam and people would consult him for legal judgments and differences. 

One of his greatest contributions during the lifetime of the Prophet PBUH was that he was among the first six who collected the Holy Quran during the lifetime of the Prophet PBUH.

Not only should our little ones understand the significance of Sahaba, but also learn their ways of life and why our Prophet PBUH was so fond of them. The Sahabah Quran Quiz is a great resource for this endeavor. If you are keen on educating your child with the life story of one Sahabi at a time, then this book on our second Caliph Umar Ibn Al-Khattab is an excellent lesson in humility and modesty.  

The stories of Sahaba are important treasures that can truly strike a chord with young kids and deepen their love for the Creator and his Prophet PBUH. So choose an interesting book, cozy up with your children, and discover the endless wonders of Islam with us. 

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