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Best Children’s Books for Ramadan 2024!

If you have trouble finding the right kind of Ramadan themed children’s books, look no further! This week, Crescent Moon Bookstore curates a list of eight incredibly exciting Ramadan titles by Muslim authors for 2024.  

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Is it just us or is time flying by at lightning speed? It feels like just the other day we walked into the new year with our resolutions in hand, and here we are already preparing ourselves for the bountiful month of Ramadan. It’s also the perfect time to get our little ones excited and geared up for changed schedules, nights of prayer, delicious iftars, and togetherness that Ramadan brings amidst its blessings.

Reading about the spiritual essence of the month helps teach our kids about this pillar of Islam and what it signifies.

Engaging and educational, our list of Top Ramadan children’s books for 2024 covers a wide age range and features beautiful storylines across the board. Check these out and don’t forget to explore our website for more titles!

P.S. 2024 promises to be an exciting year for young book lovers! Check out the top titles we are looking forward to in this blog!

Searching for some of last year's most read and widely loved children’s books? We’ve got them right here! 

With those details outta the way, let’s dive right in!

Top Ramadan Reads for Kids in 2024!

Leena Learns About Ramadan

leena learns about ramadan

This lovely little book delves into the simple concepts of Ramadan explained with adorable illustrations. Leena Learns about Ramadan features a lively conversation between Leena and her older sister Safiyyah as they go about discovering the importance of Ramadan and its traditions. From fasting and “being extra kind” to enjoying delicious iftars and receiving presents at Eid, this book by author Zainab Fadlallah is ideal for new readers just starting to learn about Islam. You can purchase Leena Learns About Ramadan here

 Ramadan Rocket

Ramadan Rocket

In Ramadan Rocket, we follow the journey of Haarith, a young boy struggling to spot the new crescent. Determined to see it for himself, Haarith launches into an out-of-the-world adventure with his friends. But how does he get there? On a rocket, of course!

Written by Emma L Halim, Ramadan Rocket focuses on the important tradition of moon sighting during Ramadan. Perfect for kids aged 4-9 and loved by all, the book is a must-read for young adventurers. Click here to buy Ramadan Rocket, now! 

The Ramadan Drummer

the ramadan drummer
This nostalgic tale by author Sahtinay Abaza will surely stir up a beautiful memory or two, especially for adults who grew up observing Ramadan in Muslim countries. The book features little Adam fasting during the Holy Month. Chatting with his aunt and uncle over iftar, he discovers a new character from his mum’s childhood he’s never heard of. The Ramadan Drummer. A gentle, big-bearded man who would make his way around town beating a drum and awakening folks for their morning meal.

Later, Adam happens to meet this mysterious character and they head out into the starry night. What does the Drummer teach Adam about the virtues of Ramadan? What does Adam learn about his neighbors? Author Abaza crafts a heartfelt and compelling story, easily merging imagination and reality.

Whimsical illustrations by Dinara Mirtalipova pop off the page and will keep your child’s senses engaged until the end.

Buy The Ramadan Drummer here.

A Ramadan Fiesta

A Ramadan Fiesta
Get a feel of how the Holy Month is observed in families with mixed cultures and religions with A Ramadan Fiesta. This trilingual book by Mariam Saad takes readers into the home of Sofia and her Mexican family to enjoy a day in Ramadan, filled with a cultural merging of foods, traditions, and celebrations.

 With it's colorful depiction of the Mexican household and an understandable usage of Spanish terms , A Ramadan Fiesta is sure to be a hit with young readers. Grab your copy, here! 

Aliya’s Secret - The Ramadan Story

aliyas secret
Farida Zaman’s self-illustrated book follows little Aliya and her secret determination to fast for the whole day during Ramadan. She skips lunch, resists urges, and even refuses her favorite treats at school. However, at the sight of Ammi’s irresistible baklava, Aliya momentarily forgets her secret and takes a big bite! Once she realizes her mistake, Aliya is heartbroken.

Aliya’s Secret explains how Ramadan can be celebrated through various other activities such as offering charity, acts of kindness, iftar gatherings, and more. Inspired by the author’s own childhood experiences, this book presents a relatable idea with empathy and simplicity. Concepts of Ramadan are explained in easy language and charming illustrations for kids of all ages to understand without any difficulty.

Purchase Aliya’s Secret- A Ramadan Story here.

Ramadan & Eid Board Book

ramadan and eid
From the author of My Favorite Prophet Mohammed Stories and Goodnight Stories from the Quran, comes a board book designed for little ones just beginning to read. 

Written by Saniyasnain Khan, this book gently lays out the diverse virtues of the Holy Month, such as fasting, patience, tolerance, and kindness. Internationally recognized illustrator Rashin Kheiriyeh adds a dimension of joyfulness to the pages. Cute characters, colorful masjids, and mosaic stars make this book a real treat to read. A great addition to any child’s collection!

Pick Ramadan & Eid Board Book here.

The Blessed Pomegranates: A Ramadan Story About Giving

the blessed pomegranates
If you are looking for a deeply evoking book that celebrates the act of sharing during Ramadan, pick up The Blessed Pomegranates for your child!

Join Alyah and Adam, two young Muslims, as they venture out on a Ramadan adventure with their wise Grandmother Essi. Along the way, they share pomegranates from Essi's tree with loved ones, discovering the significance of Ramadan, the Qur'an, and the value of generosity.

We highly recommend you add The Blessed Pomegranates to your Ramadan reading crate! You can click here to buy the book.

The Month That Makes the Year

the month that makes a year
Step into the shoes of a young Muslim and experience the beauty of Ramadan in this captivating and charming tale. The story follows Deenie, the youngest member of a Muslim family, as she takes on her first Ramadan fast. Along the way, she learns the true meaning of fasting - it's not just about skipping meals but rather a time of reflection, kindness, and positive change.

Through Deenie's journey, children can discover the joys of spirituality during Ramadan and feel the warmth of belonging to a community. This delightful story encourages kids to slow down, be kind to themselves, and make small changes that lead to big achievements. Get ready to be transported to a world of love and celebration!

Written and illustrated by accomplished author Inda Ahmad Zahri, this 32-page children’s book is packed with diverse faces and relatable scenes. 

Buy The Month That Makes the Year here.

The Malik’s: Ramadan Mayhem

the maliks ramadan mayhem
Join Maysa and Musa – twins with very different personalities – on a humorous, illustrated adventure written and illustrated by Zanib Mian. When Maysa's parents forbid her from going on a school trip due to her misbehavior, she's determined to change their minds. But her desperate antics lead to a lie that spirals out of control, and soon the trio finds themselves caught up in a mysterious whodunit at their local masjid. Will they be able to uncover the truth and save Maysa's reputation?

From the author of the beloved children’s series Planet Omar, Ramadan Mayhem is as silly and informative as all Zanib Mian books. Determined characters landing themselves in quirky and troublesome situations will amuse your children every time they sit down to read this book. Factual information about Ramadan is expertly woven into the story, never coming across as preachy.

Get your copy of The Malik’s: Ramadan Mayhem here!

Have your kids read any of these books on Ramadan? Which ones are your favorite? Which Ramadan themed books would you consider buying for your kids? Drop a comment and let us know!


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