6 Effective Halloween Alternatives for Muslim Families

6 Effective Halloween Alternatives for Muslim Families 2023

This week, Crescent Moon Bookstore discusses six practical alternatives for Muslim families to explore this Halloween. Please continue to support the people of Palestine through your duas and your Sadaqah at the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

There is a change in the air. We can smell the warm cinnamon, the pumpkin patches are in full swing, and the crunch of the sunburnt leaves under our feet intrinsically brings out a wistful sentiment. The “holiday” season is here for us, folks. 

As much as we love to indulge in the outdoor bounties of fall in all its glory, there is always a sense of impending dread that most Muslim parents experience when the hauntingly “boo”tiful time of the year arrives.

Navigating our children’s emotions through Halloween can be challenging. Mainly since the holiday is explicitly aimed towards children, there may be one (or several!) feelings of “Why can’t we go trick-or-treating?” and “Why can’t we dress up?” But the good thing is that holidays like Halloween are a great chance for us to bond with our little ones and practice the Islamic values we have been teaching all year long. 

Read on, as we offer you some practical solutions to encourage your families to avoid the festivities while embracing the beautiful season of Fall. 


Model what you want to teach: You cannot ask your children not to partake in Halloween celebrations if you don’t fully believe why it is not for us. Take your time to learn and understand the history behind the holiday, and ask Allah SWT for guidance. 

Embrace all the feelings: Leaving something that attracts you only for the sake of Allah SWT can be very hard. Empathize with your kids as they feel all the feels of giving up on something fun and exciting. Let them know that what they are doing is enormous in the sight of Allah SWT, and He will undoubtedly replace it with something better.

Halloween Alternatives for Muslim Families

Make our celebrations a big deal: Unfortunately, many of us remember our childhood being a long series of, “No, it's Haram,” with no consolation or alternatives. Sometimes, we get so caught up in focusing on what's haram that we overlook or underplay that which is halal. Since there are no religious restrictions to dressing up in appropriate costumes or distributing candy when it is done at a different time, allow children to do so once in a while. Also, be generous in celebrating Muslim holidays and kids' milestones so they can satiate their yearning for rejoicing. 

Below are six effective alternatives for Muslim families to indulge in during this spooky season! 

6 Effective Halloween Alternatives for Muslim Families in 2023

Read, Read, Read! 

Halloween Alternatives for Muslim Families

We firmly believe that reading is for all seasons. But book lovers know a secret that others don't- the fall season is THE best for reading. Fall is also when people wouldn't mind you passing up on a Halloween invite to stay home and read. Coop up with your kiddos and create a fall routine of reading. You can choose from books that tell us the stories of the Prophets to books that talk about who our Lord, Allah SWT, is. Additionally, check out our favorites on Palestine, which you can read this October

Go on a Family Trip

Get out! No, seriously, to avoid the peak of the Halloween season, we recommend you plan a short vacation to a place where you can get away from it all. It could be another country or a sunny adventure to the nearest coastline. You can stay close to nature to avoid the Halloween vibes in the city or have a blast exploring local tourist spots, local halal cuisine, museums, and architecture. Some even take this time to catch up with their extended families living away.  

Hone your Baking Skills

fall halal baking

Don't want to run into Casper and his friends or get into the maddening frenzy for collecting candy? Stay home, get your kitchen scale out, and get baking! Cooking with your family is a fantastic bonding activity, and we know fall baking recipes can be extremely therapeutic! Sending freshly baked goods to your family and friends can also be charitable. Have fun trying some of these halal baking recipes, and avoid the Halloween craze. 

Participate in Charity Events

As Muslims, we do not limit Sadaqah to any specific time of the year, so it is best always to encourage Sadaqah in your family. Participate with your family in events like a bake sale or a book sale where the proceeds go towards charity. Motivate your children to donate food, warm clothing, and toys to a nearby shelter, or find out what charity drives your local mosque has going on so you can take part. Remember that Sadaqah can be as simple as gifting a book to a friend, removing an obstacle from the path of others, or handing out a bottle of water to someone passing by!  

Organize a Family Fete at the Masjid!

Who said Muslims can’t party in October? Sure, it doesn't have to do anything with the holiday of ‘ghouls,’ but we can definitely throw a fete or two! Get some folks together and plan a soiree at the local mosque. Your Halal-a-Gala can feature calligraphy competitions, cook-offs, stalls for food and books, and so much more. Celebrating with our community helps give children a sense of belonging and togetherness at a time when they can feel lonely and cast out. Click here to know how you can get us to feature at your event! 


Enjoy the Bounties of the Season

Halloween Alternatives for Muslim Families

Fall brings out remarkable beauty in nature around us. Take your children outdoors so they can look in awe at the shedding trees and feel the texture of the burnt Auburn leaves under their feet. Cultivate the practice of observing and appreciating Allah's mercies during this time instead of fixating on Halloween festivities. 

With the right intention and plenty of du’a, we can successfully navigate this time inshallah! What are some of your family’s favorite Halloween alternatives? Please drop a comment and let us know!


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