10 Trending Eid Gifts for Kids in 2024

10 Top Trending Eid Gifts for Kids in 2024!

With less than a month to go for Ramadan 2024, we at Crescent Moon Bookstore can sense the joyous frenzy in the air as families gear up to welcome this time of fasting, prayer, celebrations, and… Eid gifting!

Yes, Eid is right around the corner, and believe us when we say that planning for children’s Eid presents beforehand can save a truckload of chaos. It is also beneficial to order Eid gifts in advance so you can prioritize the month of fasting and prayer without compromising on our traditions of Eid gifting. And Hey! Who said you had to wait till Eid to give presents? Many families love to exchange tokens of love during Ramadan! Read on as we unravel ten top trending Eid gifts for kids in 2024!

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As Ramadan inches closer, families worldwide prepare in different ways; some make it a point to memorize the Holy Quran, while others read Ramadan-themed books, and others sit down with children to learn more about the obligations of the Holy Month. That said, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Eid gifting!

Top 10 Trending Eid Gifts for Kids in 2024

Washable Ramadan Coloring Silicone Placemat

eifts gifts for kids 2024

The Washable Ramadan Coloring Silicone Placemat is one Eid gift for which parents will thank you! This coloring placemat is designed to enhance fine motor skills in children and features beautiful Islamic imagery surrounding a central Ramadan day counter. Kids can fill in the silicone coloring sheet with the four washable markers included in the kit. The best part about this Eid gift by Amasi decor is that kids can wipe it clean and color it in countless times! The coloring placemat comes with a pouch, making it easy to carry to Iftar meet-ups or the Taraweeh salah! Click here to buy it at Crescent Moon Bookstore today!

DIY String Art Kit

string art eid gift for kids

This string art kit will surely excite the craft-loving kiddos who thrive off the mental stimulation it provides. This cutesy DIY string art kit comes with one crescent art board, one lantern art board, colored strings, gem stickers, and holders, and is perfect for kids aged 10 and up. With some parental assistance, those under ten can also enjoy this creative Eid gift kit. Buy it today at Crescent Moon Bookstore!

Little Muslim Perler Bead Craft Kit

perler islamic art kit for kids 2024

Little Muslim Craft Corner brings us a unique and fun perler bead craft kit to wow kids this Eid! Each boxed set has five perler bead templates with various Islamic concepts to create fun and crafty charms. The Perler Bead Craft Kit welcomes kids to hours of engaging creativity and curiosity with satisfaction and thrill upon completing it. You can buy this lovely Islamic Eid gift here! 

Sun Jewels Window Art Kit

suncatchers for kids 2024

Watch your child’s eyes glow when they hang up these self-made sun catchers on Eid! The Sun Jewels Window Art Kit is the perfect craft to create festive Eid and Ramadan decor. Building hands-on skills for little learners, the Sun Jewels Window Art Kit has ample sun catchers and gem stickers to add to your celebrations. Grab yours here today! 

My Tie Dye Hijab Kit

tie dye hijab for kids eid gifts 2024

If your girls love their hijabs, creating their own tie and dye hijab will make them proud like no other! The My Tie Dye Hijab Kit includes everything they need for this activity, complete with a dyeable hijab, safe dyes, bottles, gloves, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual. Wearing your hand-dyed hijab to Eid celebrations has got to feel super special, so hop on here and pick this gift today!

Footsteps of Muhammad Floor Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle for kids 2024 eid gifts

This Eid, get kids busy with a floor spread jigsaw puzzle. What’s new about this jigsaw, you ask? The Footsteps of Muhammad Floor Puzzle marks major events from the life of our beloved Prophet PBUH with a story image that will help your child build an immediate mental association for better long-term memory of the Seerah. Buy it here today!

My Salah Mat

salah mat for kids 2024

Ever heard of a prayer mat that can virtually communicate with you and guide you through the daily prayers? My Salah Mat is a parent-made product for children who are beginning to learn Salah. An interactive learning tool that introduces prayer in a fun and entertaining way, these prayer mats are fully interactive and touch-sensitive with instructions for pre-recorded prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, say du’as, and more. Brighten up a kid’s Eid by gifting them the Salah Mat

Kiitab Pen

kiitab pen for kids 2024

The Kiitab Pan is a gift that gives endlessly. Using advanced dot code technology, the Kiitab Pen is compatible with several Learning Roots products. 

With the Kiitab Pen, kids can learn Tajweed-centric Quranic words, rules, and translations. This Eid gift is perfect for kids memorizing the Holy Quran and is an excellent tool to inspire children to learn more about Ramadan. 

Click here to learn more about the Kiitab Pen and order it today

The 5-Minute Alhamdulillah Journal

alhamdulilah gratitude journal for kids

Gift your kids the lifelong skill of gratitude expression with this 5-minute Alhamdulilah Journal. With 398 pages in all, the hard-bound thankfulness journal comes with a sticker sheet and more than ten fun activity pages suitable for kids aged 6-12. Encouraging the mindful act of writing down their thoughts and emotions is a healthy way of guiding kids to regulate their strong feelings and practice Sabr and Shukr. We highly recommend the 5-Minute Alhamdulillah Journal as an Eid present for kids!

Names of Allah: A Memory Matching Game

names of Allah game for kids

Eid is a time for feasting and celebration. And this involves plenty of game nights with cousins, friends, and family. This memory-matching game by Zair Zabr Play seeks to help children memorize the 99 names of Allah SWT and their meanings in an engaging and fun way. Click here to gift your child a highly rewarding act of worship and a potential path to Jannah today! 

These were our top trending Eid gift picks for kids in 2024; what kinds of gifts would you like to see from Crescent Moon Bookstore? Drop a comment and let us know!


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