10 Children’s Books by Muslim Authors We Loved in 2023

10 Children’s Books by Muslim Authors We Loved in 2023

This week, Crescent Moon Bookstore does a rundown of 10 of the best children’s books by Muslim authors published in 2023.

As we write this blog, our Palestinian brothers and sisters are suffering unimaginably at the hands of the occupying Israeli forces. Please consider donating to the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, a credible organization providing relief and assistance in the region. If you are looking for books that talk to kids about Palestine, here is our latest book listing that celebrates Palestinian stories and authors.  

Let's admit it: we are in the midst of the best time of the year for reading. Nothing can beat the feeling of getting cozy and curling up with a book that takes you away into its world. And this year, we at Crescent Moon Bookstore had a bunch of excellent new releases. With the calendars set to turn a page into 2024, we bring you 10 essential reads for children by Muslim authors published in 2023.

Salat in Secret by Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow

salat in secret

From the widely loved author of Your Name Is a Song comes a story about Muhammad, a Muslim boy who receives a prayer rug on his seventh birthday and his journey to strengthen his faith.
When he turns seven, Muhammad, like all kids his age, is encouraged to perform the five daily prayers on time. But when one salat timing falls during school hours, Muhammad is in a dilemma: should he pray openly? Should he hide to avoid attention?
Salat in Secret is a poignant and empowering book that guides children on overcoming obstacles they may face in the way of performing the daily prayers. Click here to buy Salat in Secret now.

The Night Before Eid by Aya Khalil

Night Before Eid

What happens in your home the night before Eid? This book spills the tea when Zain participates with his mother and grandma to create a fine Eid delicacy- ka’ak. Zain learns about his Egyptian family’s culture and heritage as he unpacks his grandma's (Teita) suitcase and discovers precious flavors from Egypt.

With ghee from Khalo Karim, honey from Tant Tayseer, and dates from Amo Girgis, Teita, Mama, and Zain cook up a family-favorite recipe in anticipation of Eid the next day. The Night Before Eid awakens nostalgia as readers reminisce about their most cherished memories of this joyous time. Click here to buy the book.

The Kindest Red: A Story of Hijab and Friendship by Ibtihaj Muhammad

The kindest red

Coming from Olympic medalist and author of The Proudest Blue Ibtihaj Muhammad, The Kindest Red talks about kindness among children. For picture day at school, Faizah wants to wear her beautiful red dress with ribbons in her hair given to her by her sister and mother. But the sisters find themselves in a tricky situation when they don’t look quite as ‘matched-up’ as the other siblings. What will Faizah do?

The book touches on several human emotions, for instance, the sisterly love between Faizah and Asiya. While the book stands out for its emotional exploration of faith, friendship, and the joy of spreading kindness, it does subtly remind you of its prequel. Click here to buy The Kindest Red.  

Mimi and Unicorn Get to Know Allah by Zanib Mian

Mimi and Unicorn Get to Know Allah

Mimi and Unicorn Get to Know Allah is an adorable picture book that explores the concept of Allah SWT through the eyes of a little girl, Mimi, and her imaginary unicorn! The duo visits family members trying to learn about their Creator, their Emaan growing as they discover their Deen. This story is perfect for young readers who are just learning about Allah’s SWT attributes. You can buy the book here!

 My First Quran Translation with Pictures-Juz Amma Part 2 by Shereen Sharief

My First Quran Translation With Pictures - Juz' Amma Part 2

If your kids have read and enjoyed My First Quran With Pictures Juz Amma Part 1, they surely cannot miss the second volume in this pair of books. The continuation from Surah Fajr to Surah Naba in this book is rich with simple translations, comprehensible tafsir, and visually appealing illustrations that makes it easy for children to retain and recollect.

The Juz Amma is a favorite one among young readers of the Holy Quran who are in the process of memorizing, and this set of books is the perfect aid for them! Click here to buy this bestseller here

Letters from a Prophet by Zimarina Sarwar

Letters from a Prophet

Letters from a Prophet is a historical, non-fiction record of a collection of invaluable letters. Where these letters came from and who they were addressed to is a journey in itself. The book is divided into sections, and each section talks about letters from the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), holding his official seal. These series of letters were sent to some of the world's most powerful rulers.  Messengers were chosen to deliver them to the opulent palaces of Emperor Heraclius, Al-Muqawqis, King Chosroes, and Al-Najashi.

The book unravels what the letters contain and the response evoked by their recipients. Letters from a Prophet is an illuminating read for young Muslims as there is much they can learn from it. In our opinion, this book is a must-have. Click here to buy Letters from A Prophet today.  

Grounded by Aisha Saeed, Huda Al-Marashi, Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow & S.K. Ali


Hold on to your seats and get ready for the ride of a lifetime as four bestselling and award-winning authors, Aisha Saeed, Huda Al-Marashi, Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow & S.K. Ali, bring us GROUNDED.

The story opens with an airport scene; a thunderstorm has canceled all flights. An adventure unravels as the lives of four particular passengers, Feek, Nora, Hanna, and Sami, collide. Grounded tells us the story of how four very different youngsters with their own set of struggles have more in common than they think.

This engaging book expertly maneuvers through serious tween troubles with humor and excitement.  It has a good representation of Muslim families from various backgrounds and thus has a wide appeal. We highly recommend Grounded as a gift for tweens in your family. You can buy it here.

The Girl Who Lost a Leopard by Nizrana Farook

The Girl Who Lost a Leopard

From the author of The Girl Who Stole an Elephant & The Boy Who Met A Whale comes the next thrilling escapade set in a fictional land of the non-fictional Sri Lanka.

The girl here is Selvi, a free spirit who seeks the thrill of climbing the stunning mountains that line the backdrop of her home. There, Selvi discovers and befriends Lokka, a gorgeous leopard with glorious golden eyes.

The book follows Selvi as she grapples with treacherous poachers who want to hunt down Lokka. To save her friend, Sylvie must stay one step ahead of the hunters and uncover the mastermind behind the wicked poachers.

With lively chapters and lush descriptions of nature, The Girl Who Lost A Leopard is a beautiful book for young readers who enjoy tales about loyalty, friendship, and encounters with the natural wild. Click here to buy it now!

Raisah and The Boat Trip by Nadia Ali

Raisah and the Boat Trip

If your kids love a story about family, nature, and Allah’s SWT creations, Raisah and The Boat Trip is for you! On a family day out, Raisah and her parents go on a boating adventure and learn that the sea is Allah’s SWT gift for us.

The book takes us on an appreciation journey about all the marvelous things that Allah SWT creates. This book is a great resource to encourage little ones to be observant and notice their surroundings.

This lyrical book also features Quranic verses that enhance the reader’s understanding of Islam. A must-read for kids of all ages, grab it here today!

Zara’s Rules for Living Your Best Life By Hena Khan

Zara's Rules for Living Your Best Life

From the award-winning author of Amina’s Song and Amina’s Voice comes the third book in the amusing middle grade Zara’s Rules series. In this edition, we follow Zara as she tries to save her spring break and make the most of staying at her grandparents' house.

The book is an endearing first-person narration of how two siblings concoct a train of events to get their recently retired Nana out of his pajamas and into a healthy and active routine! Readers will appreciate Zara’s Rules for Living Your Best Life for its positive outlook, hilarious fails, and earnest effort to make others happy.

Whether you’re into novels, picture books, or short stories, we’ve got the whole waterfront covered here with a bumper crop of incredible children’s books published by Muslim authors in 2023. Which of these did your kids enjoy? Which book was your family’s favorite in 2023? Drop a comment and let us know!

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