Quranic Opposites: Review by Muslim Mommy Blog

Quranic Opposites: Review by Muslim Mommy Blog


Quranic Opposites

As usual, LearningRoots delivers a wonderful product with fun learning involved!⠀ ⠀ The idea is awesome, which introduces children to the ayah that everything is made of pairs and opposites. Kids love structure and order in the world, and knowing that they can relate everything to each other gets them excited.

The words are in both English and Arabic and so are perfect for increasing children’s vocabulary in both languages. The harakat on the Arabic letters help children with reading them correctly as well.

This puzzle is perfect for kids that are both visual learners by pictures, as well as kids that are readers. For example, my five year old used the pictures to match the puzzles, where my eight year old read the words to find their opposites. Both of them found the puzzle fun and they loved racing each other to see who would match the most puzzle pieces the fastest! ⠀ I absolutely love the pictures, as they are beautifully drawn and descriptive. My only concern is that sometimes the pictures did not clearly show the meaning of the words, and I had to further explain their meaning to my kids. (An example is guidance and misguidance being a picture of a straight road/crooked road- I had to really focus to find out what it meant in the picture)

I do recommend this as a fun learning tool for kids, a wonderful idea for a gift on Eid Al-Adha, and a fun game for kids to pass their time instead of using technology. My kids learned more vocab that will inshaAllah help them with their Quran reading.

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link: https://crescentmoonstore.com/products/quranic-opposites-puzzle?_pos=1&_sid=b243ca2e9&_ss=r

price: 18 usd

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