Love From A to Z: Book Review from Muslim Mommy Blog

Love From A to Z: Book Review from Muslim Mommy Blog

Love From A to Z

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

🎊Spoiler alert!🎊 Rating: 10/10🎉

Age recommendation: girls 15 and up

Islamic screening: No haram. There is a kissing scene after Adam and Zayneb do katb kitab. There is mixing between the genders and mention of dating, but no actual “dating” occurs (though they daydream about it). In fact, it is mentioned that Islamic rules are in place for marriage and they respect them! (So good to see in a book)-no rebellion and succumbing to desires here. Music/guitar playing. ❤️Finally a breath of fresh air! Finally a beautiful and sweet love story with Muslim characters that feel real and who value their religion.

It is set up as a journal instead of chapters, with titles of Marvels or Oddities. Coincidence: both main characters, Adam and Zayneb have the same journal (islamic history/art reference)! The concept of life having both positives and negatives is present throughout, with Adam and Zayneb both maturing in their life experiences and learning how to deal with their life struggles-

Zayneb faces Islamaphobia from her high school teacher, and is suspended from school before spring break for “seeming” to threaten him. She is sent to Doha to stay with her Aunt, and meets Adam at the airport on his way home to Doha. Adam has quit college because he received an MS diagnosis, the same disease his mom passed away from when he was 9. Adam’s struggles with MS and remembering his mother’s death are heartbreaking, and the caring way he takes care of everyone in his life makes him such a wonderful Muslim male character.

Zayneb is a strong relatable character with a lot of pride in her religion and sadness from all the hurt she sees in the world.She also struggles with a lot of discrimination because of her hijab, but by the end of the book learns to respond with strength instead of anger.

They struggle with their personality differences, but eventually acknowledge their feelings, and learn how they make each other better by being together. The book ends with them finally doing katb kitab❤️ This book is beautiful and I am so excited to see more from @skalibooks

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