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What Is Ramadan? Bilingual Box

What Is Ramadan? Bilingual Box

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Is your child fasting for the first time this Ramadan?

With our Limited Edition What Is Ramadan? Gift Box your child will enjoy the entire month of Ramadan with memories to cherish. Contents are both in English & Arabic!

    What Is Ramadan Box? Contents:
    1- The main board
    2- Playing cards
    3- Cut, fold and stick famous Ramadan characters
    4- Calendar to keep track of fasting + stickers that
    describe daily feelings
    5- Making Ramadan lanterns
    6- Lanterns pockets + good deeds cards
    7- Tarawih prayer mosaic
    8- A plate for dates
    9- 3D stars
    10- Iftar cannon puzzle
    11- Find the differences on iftar table game
    12- Athkar (remembrance) cards + stickers
    13- Phases of the moon game
    14- Ramadan riddles
    15- Make your prayer beads kit
    16- Fasting certificate
    17- Eid cards 

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