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The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet

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Anisah observes her older brother, Adam, performing prayer (Salah) and narrates the imaginary journey that his prayer mat (the flying carpet) takes them on as he prays.

Adam and Anisah leave their homes behind and adventure through dangerous and beautiful terrains on their journey to the Kabah in Makkah.

On the way, they cross over the Bridge of Siraat, smell the fragrance of Paradise and even prostrate under the Throne.

The Flying Carpet aims to inspire children to fall in love with the magic of prayer as well as encourage parents and older siblings to create an environment at home where the children see them enjoying this act of worship.

With beautiful illustrations and charming text, The Flying Carpet storybook takes young readers on an epic journey across different terrains and regions, until it reaches its conclusion at a very special destination. This story will have children gripped and will inspire a love for exploration and a thirst for new knowledge. A perfect bedtime read for parents and a great addition to your library or classroom.

The Flying Carpet is the first book in The Adventures of Adam & Anisah series.


“A lovely book, which we all enjoyed page by page! The overall message is such an important one and was told in the imaginative way that young children enjoy.” -Parent

 Coloring Book

Bring The Flying Carpet story to life with a beautifully illustrated colouring book that provides hours of learning and entertainment for young children. Taking inspiration from the story, the colouring book builds on The Flying Carpet’s journey and allows children to develop their creativity and curiosity, and strengthen their pen control skills. Packed with stunning pictures to colour and complete, and a variety of simple outlines and more complex scenery-based pictures. The perfect gift for any child!

Available in Hardcover Storybook, Activity Book or Coloring Book

  • Product Info:
  • Title: The Flying Carpet
  • Author: Zahra Patel
  • Publisher: Knowledge to Action
  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Format: Paperback and Hardback
  • Pages: 32
  • ISBN (Hardback): 978-1916304802
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