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Suraj the Tiger Cub (Urdu/English)

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Suraj the Tiger Cub is a collection of three stories that address issues faced by many children and their happy resolution. In these stories the protagonist Suraj is plagued by fears, lack of friends, and encounters a bully. In ‘Not Afraid Anymore’, Suraj rescues a little rabbit from the clutches of a dreaded eagle, Cheel. In ‘Making Friends’, the lonely tiger cub discovers a way of making friends, and in ‘The Bully’, the heroic Suraj stops a bully from scaring young animals.


Farida Mirza is a Psychology lecturer, an English instructor, a technical writer, a mother and a grandmother. She is the author of Suraj the Tiger Cub, A Bunny Rabbit’s Wish, Hala’s Window, Baboo’s Dream and Three Magic Keys to Good Health, all OUP publications. 

  • Author: Farida Mirza
  • Language: Urdu/English
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: TBD
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press - Pakistan
  • Product Dimensions: TBD
  • ISBN-13: 9780199400256
  • Recommended Ages: 0-3

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