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My Montessori Reading and Writing Box (Arabic)

My Montessori Reading and Writing Box (Arabic)

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A complete Montessori package with 514 Cards.

My Montessori reading and writing box offers an easy, applied learning method that has proven its effectiveness since Maria Montessori launched it in kindergarten. «Step by Step» includes educational tools that take into account the child's curious nature and love of exploration, far from traditional methods of memorization. The box is rich in cards associated with specific stages, starting with the association of letters with their sounds and symbols, through to the formation of words and sentences.

We have ensured that it is suitable for individual home use as well as classroom use, with the option of involving two or more children in applying the same exercise.

  • Montessori World, Hachette Antoine 2022
  • Language: Arabic
  • Includes: Cards, Booklets, Charts, Teacher Guide
  • 514 Cards Boxed
  • ISBN: 9786144699867


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Customer Reviews

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Jean Flomer

Is the teachers guide in both English and Arabic?

It is in Arabic only.