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Al Quran

Muhammad (PBUH): A New Systematic Approach of the Prophetic Sunnah

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Isn't Muhammad (pbuh) a human being sent by and Almighty Allah to make out of the Prophetic guidance an excellent model whereby our actions are rightly guided to attain happiness and prosperity in this present world and the hereafter.. since he is a warner and bearer of good news?

Therefore it is necessary for the youth of our nation to have this book, which safeguards them from sternness and extremism, on the one hand, helps those who turn away to know their prophet's greatness by acquainting them with the reality of his sealing prophecy, so that they may conceive his sufferance in calling for Islam, and how he (pbuh) began with only three people but ended up with about 2 billion Muslims.

Undoubtedly, the exhibition of a bouquet of more than 1500 Noble hadith in all of the fields of human life such as warships, ethics, righteous deeds, the relationship between an individual and his or her society etc.. which will help our nation reclaim self-awareness and get rid of its failure.

The book includes 97 classical headings with modern terminology and a short heading placed beside each Prophetic Hadith for easy reference and access. Archaic words explained in brackets, in addition to Quranic verses that support the Prophetic Hadith. Only the first companion narrators is mentioned with the main source of the hadeeth, and the keywords are highlighted

This book is presented in a distinctive creative style with interesting colors that attract the readers. An appendix of what prominent scholars around the world have said so far about the Messenger of Allah and the future of Islam is also added

Publishing this book in its Arabic and English versions at the same time is but an affirmative of the importance of getting the world to know the truth of Islam and it’s pure spring.

The unity of our nation which the launch of the worlds wanted, requires contribution in getting rid of the suffering of the generation lost between a slightly distorted or corrupted sacred heritage and the reluctance of digging in to discover the truth. This generation gift itself as a hostage to its ignorance of the greatness of Prophet Muhammad the chosen one and the seal of all prophets.


محمـٌَـد (صلى الله عليه وسلم) - إخراج جديد مُمنهَج لِلسنٌَة النبويٌَة


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