Juha and His Donkey in the Market (Arabic)

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Juha wa-Himaruhu fi al-Suq جـحـا و حـمـاره فـي الـسـوق
في صباح هذا اليوم توجه جحا إلى السوق، فجلس على بساط، وراح يتفاخر بجودة منتجاته. ولكن أحد الأشخاص سرق له حماره. ولكي يكشف الفاعل، ابتكر جحا قصة من نسج خياله أذهلت كل الجموع المحتشدة...


Juha and His Donkey in the Market'. This is a translation to Arabic of 'Nasreddine et son Ãne'', an adaption of a great Middle Eastern folk tale of Juha, by French author Odile Weulersse, with wonderful artwork by Rebecca Dautremer, evoking the ancient times and places of the Middle East. This morning, Juha is going to the market. He sits on his carpet and talks about the quality of his products. But, during that time, someone steals his donkey tied to a tree. To find the guilty thief, Juha invents a story to make the whole crowd tremble ...
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  • Language: Arabic
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 32 pp
  • Publisher: Academia International, Beirut, 2016 Arabic Edition
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 29 cm
  • ISBN-13: 9789953374383
  • Topic: Arabic Folklore for Child - Ages 5-9

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