Omar S. Khawaja - Little Big Kids (Ilyas and Duck)

Omar S. Khawaja is the creator and award-winning author of the exciting Ilyas & Duck children's book series for young Muslim kids. Omar performs The Ilyas & Duck Show around the world at community centers, schools and events. His performormances bring the Ilyas & Duck characters and stories to life and create a wholesome family experience.

Omar is a Muslim American born in Saudi Arabia with family roots in Pakistan.  He grew up in New York and now lives in the Washington D.C area with his wife, three young children, and lots of noise.

Omar is the founder of Little Big Kids and creator of the Ilyas & Duck cartoon characters.  

See his books below from Crescent Moon Store:

Ilyas & Duck Search for Allah

Ilyas & Duck Ramadan Joy

Ilyas & Duck Fantasic Festival Eid-al-Fitr

Ilyas & Duck A Zakat Tale

About Little Big Kids

When our first born was 2 years old, we were eager to add to his ever growing number of toys, books and room decor. As Muslim American parents we wanted our kids to have access to products that were not only fun but also gave our child a stronger sense of their Muslim identity. But as we soon discovered, few products in this category had the charm and appeal that we could appreciate and that our son could also relate to. Little BIG Kids was born to change that.


About Ilyas & Duck

Young kids ask the most simple yet profound questions about the world around them.  My kids are no different.  So one night during our typical bedtime routine that included storytime, snuggling, and talking about all sorts of fascinating things, the topic of God came up - and along with it - the most profound question of them all: "Where is Allah?"  I attempted to provide a rational explanation, but that strategy didn't work.  My drawn out explanation seemed to provoke an endless stream of follow-up questions that I wasn't equipped to answer.  I needed a better way to help my kids understand this fundamental concept of God.  Subsequent searches online for Islamic themed children's books produced disappointing results.  That's when I decided to write a children's book myself.

The first book

I didn't want to write "just another storybook."  I wanted to create one of those books that had great characters with vibrant personalities - characters who would share an adventure and tell positive stories.  I wanted to create a book that kids would choose when given the choice - a book that was full of joy - one that even adults would enjoy.  But most of all, I wanted a book that helped young kids strengthen their Muslim identity.  So after two long years of writing the story and developing the characters, I self-published "Ilyas & Duck Search for Allah."

I truly believe there is something special about Ilyas & Duck.  My hope is that young kids and adults everywhere will benefit greatly from the many adventures and heartfelt stories Ilyas & Duck have yet to share.