9 Ramadan Tips to Inspire Kids in 2024!

9 Ramadan Tips to Inspire Kids in 2024!

Ramadan is fast approaching and like most Muslim families worldwide, we at Crescent Moon Bookstore are eagerly looking forward to the sacred month. This week let’s unravel some top tips through which parents can inspire their young children to make the most of Ramadan.

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With Ramadan less than two months away, now is the best time to create and implement a new and improved routine in your family’s regimen. Easing into new habits can prove to be beneficial in the long run as compared to drastic changes in a short duration. So, sit back and take notes as we discuss 9 top tips to inspire your children this Ramadan! 

What Is Ramadan 2024 for Kids

Ramadan Around the World

Ramadan graces our lives once each year and this can be a long time for little minds to remember its significance. Well before the beginning of the Holy Month, make it a family practice to discuss what Ramadan is and what it entails. Make sure you create a lot of positive buzz and excitement around its main traditions and openly answer any follow-up questions posed to you. Some of the doubts your kids may have could include:

  • Do all of us have to fast?
  • Is it hard to stay away from food and water all day?
  • How long is a fast?
  • How do we know when to break our fast?
  • When is Suhoor?
  • What will I do if I feel hungry?
  • What rewards do I get for fasting?

An excellent way to quell their inquisitiveness is to get them some insightful books on Ramadan. Here are our most recommended Ramadan-themed books for your young Muslims! 

Get the Ramadan Facts for Kids Right

Night of the moon

Let’s not complicate Ramadan for our little ones. Explain the concepts of Ramadan in simple and child-friendly terms. Let your children know how we begin and end Ramadan by the sighting of the Moon.

We highly recommend Night of the Moon by Hena Khan to understand the idea of moon sighting and Ramadan. Children should also know that Allah SWT doesn't mean to put us in difficulty through our fasts and that many Muslims are exempted from fasting as a means of mercy from Allah SWT. To build a sense of excitement, the whole family can get together and create a Ramadan action plan, much like the Jannah bucket list for young Muslims! 

Let the Kids Try Fasting in Ramadan 2024

While children don't need to fast until they reach puberty, trying it in various forms can be an exceptional experience. Waking up for suhoor, or the pre-dawn meal, and rushing to finish eating is one of our most heartwarming childhood memories. Remind them how much Allah SWT loves it when we practice patience and fast from dawn to dusk only for His sake. 

Discuss if your kids would like to abstain from food and water for some hours a day in the month of Ramadan. Talk to them about how we must avoid idle talk, arguing, lying, or getting into fights during our fast. Make their first fast special by planning an Iftar meal with their favorite foods. Who Will Help Me Make Iftar is one of our all-time favorites when it comes to Ramadan feasting!

Introduce Taraweeh and Qiyam, the Special Ramadan Salah

Ramadan tips for kids

Ramadan is the best time to teach kids the importance of Salah. The two Ramadan-special prayers hold immense value for all Muslims. This year, make sure to warm your kids up to the idea of praying the Taraweeh. Encourage them to accompany you to the mosque for the nightly Qiyam and join in, if they are able. Many community mosques have special areas designated for children and it can be a wonderful place for kids to interact and learn more about their deen. Trouble At Taraweeh is our seasonal favorite this year for Ramadan 2024!

Make Ramadan About Sadaqah and Giving

During the Holy Month, speak to your kids about how fasting is meant to bring us closer to the less fortunate. The act of refraining from food allows us to reflect on Allah’s SWT generosity towards us and that we must extend generosity towards others. This Ramadan, get your family together and prepare Iftar meals for the needy as a means of Sadaqah. Teach your children that charity is not just about sharing money or food, but every act of kindness counts as Sadaqah. We recommend My Sadaqah Jar is Empty to help teach kids about charity. 

Develop A Bond between The Holy Quran and Your Kids!

ramdan tips for children 2024

If there is one new habit your family develops this Ramadan, let it be a relationship with the Holy Quran. Ramadan is essentially the month of the Quran, as the revelation came down to the beloved Prophet PBUH during this month. Spend as much time as you can with your family discussing and reciting the Quran. You can take this opportunity to learn new Surahs and revise previously memorized ones. There are plenty of ways to make Quran memorization engaging and fun for your little ones. Share stories of the Prophets with your kids and support them in understanding the translations and meanings of simple Surahs. The My First Quran with Pictures Juz Amma series is our all-time go-to for getting young kids acquainted with the Holy Book.

Go the Extra Mile to Decorate your Home for Ramadan

ramadan tips for kids

While this isn't a must-do, who doesn't like a little bit of sparkle and shine for Ramadan? This year, get together with your folks and decorate your home. After all, Ramadan followed by Eid is a time of great joy and celebration for Muslims. Click here to see all the different decor options we have at Crescent Moon Bookstore for you!

Get Hyped About Eid!

Ramadan tips for kids 2024

No matter where you live, it’s important to get your family excited for Eid! Explain to your kids about the significance and blessings of Eid, and how we must celebrate the day with our loved ones. Sure, we don’t have any fancy tree decor or firework display, but we do have our fragrant henna-stained hands and delectable dishes to indulge in that warm Eid atmosphere. Reading about Eid can be a great way for kids to anticipate and imagine the festivities of Eid. We particularly love this wonderful anthology of Eid short stories as well as the popular Nadia & Nadir Eid Surprises book

Discuss the blessings of Ramadan

Talking about the countless blessings and important symbolism of Ramadan can leave indelible impressions on young minds. For instance, if your child has trouble understanding the concept of fasting, talk to them about the concepts of sabr and shukr first. Encourage them to perform as many good deeds as they can, since Ramadan is the month when all our noble actions are multiplied in our favor. Read to them about the glorious Night of Power, Laylatul Qadr, and how it is the prized jewel of the month.

These were our top 9 Ramadan tips to inspire kids in 2024! While this is a great list to start with, you can always tweak it to suit your unique child better. Here’s hoping our little ones continue to learn, flourish, and stay curious! 

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