Timdhub Lies to be Frightened: Book Review by Muslim Mommy Blog

Timdhub Lies to be Frightened: Book Review by Muslim Mommy Blog

Timthoob: likes to get scared

Arabic Book Age recommendation: kids ages 6-10 ⠀ ⠀ Arabic reading level: fluent in letters and connecting letters level. Read with a slight struggle by my kids. No transliteration, so good for developing and increasing reading skill. Not too long or boring.⠀ ⠀ I love this Arabic book that I purchased from @crescentmoonbookstore ⠀ The alligator is a cute and quirky character, and my kids loved reading all about him. The words have harakat and the font is clear, and my young ones are at beginner reading in their skill level, but they were able to sound out most of the words and understand them with my help. ⠀ ⠀ In this book, Timthoob loves to be scared...but not too scared. He likes spiders and being chased by his dad! But when he sees a scary shadow from his bed, he gets scared! Until he realizes that it is his loving parents❤️ ⠀ I love this book for kid’s Arabic reading. Honestly, my kids have progressed past simple Arabic board books (those are now perfect for my toddler), and yet they can’t handle long Arabic books. Any time there are more than a few sentences on a page, they get frustrated and stop reading. ⠀ Another problem I have had with getting them to read Arabic is that honestly, a lot of the Arabic books I had were pretty boring for them. They didn’t have any interest in reading them, and they never payed attention. ⠀ This book changed that! They were so excited about reading that they even fought over whose turn it was, and they loved the story and the characters!⠀ ⠀ Check out the timthoob Arabic series at @crescentmoonbookstore

link: https://crescentmoonstore.com/collections/early-learners-arabic/products/timdhub-likes-to-be-frightened-arabic


price: 10 usd


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