I Will Not Clean My Room

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 Musa’s mom asks him to clean his room. Instead, he decides to imagine all the wonderful things he’s going to do in Jannah. Join him as he dreams away and learns that'll good deeds are really worth the effort. Part of the My Journey to Jannah Series. 


About the Author:

Saharish Arshad is a freelance children's writer. She has published numerous short articles and poetry for children in Little Explorers Magazine, a quarterly U.K. based publication for Muslim children. She is currently experimenting with worldschooling her own four munchkins and dreaming up new poems and stories with them.

Elsa Estrada has a Degree in Fine Arts from La Laguna University, Spain, specializing in illustration. She is a London-based graphic designer and illustrator, actively working for over twelve years. Her illustrations represent hours of meticulous work, and the fine detail created is an expression of her dedication and passion

  • Written By: Saharish Arshad
  • Illustrations By: Elsa Estrada
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • ISBN: 9780998328751

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