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Ilyas & Duck Search for Allah by Omar S. Khawaj Illustrated by Leo Antolini

Ilyas & Duck Search for Allah by Omar S. Khawaj illustrated by Leo Antolini Posted on January 3, 2016 by islamicschoollibrarian Standard I might have squealed in delight after reading this book.  Alhumdulillah, since starting this blog I have found that there are indeed a lot of good quality children’s books out there, but this one, well it just does it all. Ilyas & Duck Search for Allah is concise in words, but somehow successfully tackles the huge concept of understanding Allah (swt) through His creation in a powerful way.  And I think a big part of its power comes from its humor and silliness.  The book says it is for ages 3-6 on the inside cover, and I think that is spot on....

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The Muslims by Zanib Mian

The Muslims by Zanib Mian Posted on February 1, 2018 by islamicschoollibrarian After reading this book, I really, really want to meet (and be friends with) the author, she writes from the point of view of Omar, a nine year old boy, and his perspective and voice are so authentic and relevant that while the book targets 3rd through 5th grade, I am certain kids and adults, Muslims and non-muslims, boys and girls, and everyone else, will all thoroughly enjoy this laugh-out-loud 164 page book.   SYNOPSIS: Omar is starting at a new school, we don’t know why, and while he is nervous, he has a good attitude about it.  His parents are supportive scientists and he has an older sister, Maryam who can be...

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